Pick up from the warehouse?

  • You can pick up your paid orders from our warehouse after you have received “Your order is ready for pick up” email from our store. We do not have any payment options available in our warehouse so only existing and paid orders can be picked up.
    Pick up times:

    Monday – Thursday 10.00-16.00
    Friday 10.00-15.00

Can I add products to already existing order?

  • It is possible to make changes to existing orders or add another order to the same shipment. If you notice that you have forgotten to order some products, just send us an email or contact us via our chat service (when available) and we will guide you how to proceed.
    Usually new order is made with excluded shipping costs.
  • Note! Adding products to your order may cause delay on shipping.

When my order will be shipped?

  • When you’ve received the email message “your order has been shipped”, it means your order has been collected, packed and it is ready to be picked up by the courier and mailing services. All the orders that have been placed before 3 pm will be collected, packed and shipped on the same day.

“DHL Express for Lipo batteries” Shipment option.  What?

  • As many may have noticed. Shipping lipo batteries has become harder and more superviced in last few years. We have managed to find a way ship lipos now through DHL. For some this option is just faster way to get their ordered batteries and for some it is the only way to get liPo batteries if they live on island where only option for freight is by air.    Only catch is that lipos can be shipped only with electronic components of rc cars for example steering servo or speed controller.  This a simple IATA rule which determines the guide lines who and how airfreight can be handled.  If you need a guidance with this issue do not hesitate to contact our customer service and we will help you out.

Where your warehouse is located? Which country are your company from?

  • We are located in Finland, In Tervakoski to be precise 100km from Helsinki.

I live in EU region do I need to pay taxes or customs fees when I make an order?

  • Finland is part of EU so there will not be any extra fees or custom hazzle when shipping inside EU.

Why product prices jump back and forward ?

  • Our store includes and excludes Finnish VAT 24% according the country information. Countries which are in EU has VAT included and countries outside of EU have VAT excluded from the price.
  • If you arrive to our store from search engine, our store’s automation may inform your country information wrong and show wrong prices. So please check your country info from the checkout.

Can I return some of the products?

  • Yes we accept product returns. Always contact our customer service info@eurorc.com when you want to return products. There are no free postage when it comes to product returns. Only warranty products have free postages.

Are RC Cars waterproof?

  • Waterproof models are clearly marked in our store.
  • It is good to keep in mind that even that your kit is waterproof it does not mean that you do not have to service your car after driving in wet condition. It is also good to note that electric and water is a bad combination, Always. We do not recommend using any electronics in full wet conditions.
  • You can find useful article about preparing the car for wet conditions here.

How I can clean my car?

  • We have good article about cleaning your rc car here.

What kind of Maintenance RC-Car needs?

  • We have made good article about basic maintence and service. You can find it here.

What is Gear Mesh and what is right amount

  • The gear mesh between the pinion and the spur should let a piece of paper (e.g. printing paper) slip through. Make sure that the gear mesh isn’t too tight either. If you can hear a sound when spinning the gears with your fingers, there’s too much play between the gears. When the gear mesh is properly set, the gears and the car move smoothly.

Does the Pinion and Spurgear be greased or lubricated?

  • Generally, grease isn’t needed between the spur and the pinion. The grease will attract dust and dirt, which may cause problems.
  • However, the manuals of some car models may advice you to put grease on the gears, so always check your car’s manual to be sure.

Can I change connector to my ESC with out disabling the product’s warranty?

  • It depends on the brand.  For example Traxxas does not allow ANY modifications to their products without disabling their warranty.  And on the otherhand race brands like Hobbywing does allow to change connectors. Only modification inside the case will disable the warranty.
  • Basically in RTR cars it is good option to use adapter if connector change is needed.
  • You can always check it from the products manual and if you can not not find the answer there, you can always ask our customer service about it.